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Office Coffee

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Fair Trade Organic

Fair TradeOCQVCoffeemark is committed to providing our customers with coffees and teas that are certified fairly traded, organic and shade grown.
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Proudly Serving ORGANIC and Fair Trade Certified coffees and teas to the Ottawa area since 1999

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General Info

Office Coffee

Enrich your office coffee and refreshment program by providing staff, clients and guests with delicious Coffeemark coffees and teas, from around the world, that are certified organic, fairly traded and shade grown. The business community has an ever growing awareness and concern regarding corporate decisions and their impact on environmental and social issues. Reflect your corporate values, culture and commitment to environmental and social sustainability with each and every cup of organic and fairly traded coffee and tea served. Staff and clients will value your efforts and know that they are dealing with a company that deserves their business and loyalty.

At Coffeemark it is our belief that we must deliver to the business community of Ottawa an office coffee and refreshment program that utilizes the highest quality products , equipment and uncompromising service. Our commitment to you is that we will be environmental and social stewards by providing, whenever possible, products that are certified organic and fairly traded.


Coffeemark provides everything you need to make your coffee break exceptional. Coffeemark puts service "front and center"! We believe that in order to have a great tasting fair trade coffee experience, you must start with high quality, freshly roasted coffees, and it must be brewed from a well maintained and clean brewer. Coffeemark will ensure that at each coffee delivery the brewer is working at peak performance . We will inspect and clean the brewer along with any dispensing units requiring it, thereby allowing your staff and clients the enjoyment of only tasting the unique flavors of our coffees and teas. We at Coffeemark feel so strongly about the service program provided to our customers that we have developed, in conjunction with our clients, what we refer to as our "Peak Performance Guarantee". Your Coffeemark Representative will be more than pleased to go over the appropriate service agreement with you.


Coffeemark 's fair trade and organic coffees are small batch roasted and packaged in convenient pre-measured sachets for ease of use, consistency of taste and reduced wastage. Coffeemark fair trade coffees come in a wide variety of single origin or unique blends, strengths and roasts, to satisfy the most discriminating tastes!

You can also choose to have our fair trade coffees delivered in one pound or five pound bags, either ground or in whole bean. Coffeemark will grind the coffee specifically for your equipment requirements providing the optimum extraction for maximum taste!

Coffeemark provides much more than great coffee and teas for your office break . Coffeemark has a full compliment of sundry products to complete your refreshment requirements. We carry a full line of:

  • cups / lids / stir sticks
  • milk & cream
  • juice / soft drinks / water
  • paper towels / napkins / garbage bags
  • and so much more !

Check out our extensive product list ... should there be a product that you would like to have, that is not listed, let us know and we will do our very best to get it for you.


Coffeemark provides a complete range of brewing equipment for whatever size of business, be it in an office setting, large or small, with one brewer or multiple pieces of equipment, a restaurant or cafeteria.
Choose from traditional ''drip'' brewers to vending or pod brewing applications.

Coffeemark carries only industrial rated brewing equipment for the office coffee sector. These brewers are all CSA approved and manufactured by the industry leaders of brewing equipment . Coffeemark will be pleased to have a Representative develop an appropriate program to satisfy your complete refreshment needs.

Water Program

Coffeemark will complete your office refreshment program by installing and maintaining a Quantum Water System. This system eliminates heavy water bottles that are awkward and messy to lift, take up valuable storage space, along with being expensive. Studies have now shown that the bottles used in the bottled water industry may contain Bisphenol A ( BPA ) a chemical that leaches into the water and linked with health concerns. Using the Quantum Water System you will reduce cost and have peace of mind that the water is chemical free. You will save on administrative costs by reducing the number of suppliers you need to deal with.

This attractive system which is easily and quickly hooked up to a water line, provides absolute micron filtration ( 1/50,000 of an inch ) removing up to 99.9 % of all particles like dirt, lead and harmful cysts, as well as eliminating chlorine and offensive odors.

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